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Working with people who have scars.

Scars form for many reasons; surgery, accidents, illness and self harm.  They are the record keepers of our journey and can take us back in time to an event, good or bad, that may have changed our lives forever.

Sometimes they constantly remind us of their presence in the way they look, how they feel and the impact they have on the body and how it moves.

How does your scar feel?  Is it tight and restricted, does it affect your body moves, does it cause you discomfort or just not feel right?

ScarWork is a gentle, but effective manual therapy that works to:

  • Treat scars, adhesions and fibrosis
  • Improve mobility
  • Release tightness and restriction in the tissue
  • Reduce sensitivity
  • Support emotional wellbeing

Scars benefit from ScarWork therapy; very old scars can improve as well as new:

  • Joint replacement, pinned and plated bones
  • Scars from cancer and reconstructive surgery
  • C section and hysterectomy 
  • Accidents
  • Burns and skin grafts
  • Spinal surgery
  • Keyhole surgery